​​QHHT ~ Elizabeth 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

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QHHT is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, a technique developed by Dolores Cannon.  Dolores is a woman in her 80’s who began
doing Hypnosis so many years ago. She actually was one of the first who realized people were going into past lives. In her curiosity, she wondered what would happen if she took them farther… deeper…   This began her journey into QHHT.  Once she had the client into a very deep trance, she contacted what she calls the Sub-conscious. When this Sub-conscious came forward, it answered the client’s questions with pure love and guidance.  Dolores has written 17 books with material that comes from sessions with the Sub-conscious of each client. 

I embraced Dolores’ teachings with enthusiasm and became Certified Dedicated Practitioner.  A typical session consists of the client coming in with a few questions they would like answered.  In a guided meditation I ask questions and have them report answers back to me.  “It’s just like an investigative reporter.”  I’ll say “We can analyze things later, just tell me what you see/hear/feel or imagine. All that is needed to do this work is to be able to close your eyes and imagine a red bird.  That is the part of the mind that we work with, the part that has the pictures and memories…   During this guided meditation the client often accesses past lives with the answers to what lessons were learned during those past lives.  At the deepest level of the guided meditation, I ask permission to speak to the Sub-Conscious/ Higher Self and ask it the questions the client presented to me at the start of the session.  At the end of each session, after the client’s issues are all addressed, we are able to ask if the Sub-conscious has any messages for us.  In the beginning, it seemed as if all of my clients Sub-conscious’ had the same personality.  This voice that I was speaking to had a personality, a distinct personality, much different than each person lying on the table.  It was stern, knowledgeable and at times it even laughed.  I asked “Do I have permission to ask a question for my-self?”  
It said “Yes”. 
I asked,  “WHO are you?   Dolores calls you the Sub-conscious, I don’t think that word is appropriate because you seem to be much more than that, are you the Higher-self?  Are you MY Higher-self?  Are you Sharon’s Higher-self?  WHO EXACTLY ARE YOU AND WHAT AM I TALKING TO?” The Sub-conscious answered: “We would be obliged to answer your questions. WE ARE CONNECTED TO THE ONE CREATOR YOU CALL - GOD - AND - I AM SHARON’S SOUL TALKING TO YOU NOW.”      In a state of humbleness and complete awe, tears ran down my face.

Another client had access to a past life where she was a scientist working in a laboratory in Atlantis.  She was involved in human/Soul experiments.  She spoke of the lab downstairs that was doing genetic experiments with human/animals and the result was half-human/half-Lion.  This woman had so much detail she even described the smells in the room.  At the end of the Past life vision, she was able to identify the lessons learned during that life and bring closure to many issues carried over to this life.  Her session has freed her from many years of bondage with unidentified sadness/guilt and fear.  

Each client comes to the session with a few questions they would like answered.  The questions can be health issues, personal issues and even what they can do to help a family member.  Each session is tape recorded and the client takes home a CD of the session. Each time the client reviews the CD, more information comes into their consciousness, enabling them to heal on an even deeper level.  Healing may also be performed while they are in session, by their Guides. I've seen lights sparkle over a man's knee during a session. They continue to tell me “Anything is possible, we are all energy, and energy heals all when appropriate.”  The QHHT Sessions with each client continues to bring me to heightened states working with God, communicating with our Soul in all that we do.

With Sincere Humbleness & Respect,
Love & Blessings,