QHHT ~ Elizabeth

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

​​How to Connect with Creator/God and the White Light:

#1 - the connection
Connecting to Creator is NOT a religion. Talking and hearing Creator is communication with the Creator that gave you the breath of life. I call it God. You can call it energy, or whatever you like, Great Spirit, Higher Self, the Soul... I also call it “He,” you can call it She or It... Names don't matter. What does matter, is that you have respect and honor the Creator that gave you life. Focus on your intent to connect with the Creator that gave you the breath of life.
#2 - is to imagine the day that Creator created all of life and the universe. Imagine the birth of creation at that very first moment as a giant spark. In the center of that spark is the brightest light. Tell Creator to fill you with that White Light (coming from that origin of creation, that Pure White Light spark). As soon as you do, the White Light will begin to pour from that spark into the top of your head (energetically) and it will fill you up starting there, filling your head, your neck, your arms, torso, hips, thighs, legs, and finally passing through the center of your feet, filling every morsel of your being, every cell of your body, illuminating your DNA and feeding your soul... this is called 'the protection.’ This Light is often referred to as the White Light of Christ because Jesus the Christed one is an example of Pure Love in the White Light.
#3 - stream this White Light out your feet and plug it into the ball of Light in the center of the earth (to ground yourself there). This is called ‘anchoring to earth.’ There is a ball of White Light in the center of the earth; be sure to anchor your light there because there are many areas of earth that are not pure.
Once you are #1 Connected, #2 Protected, and #3 Anchored to the Light in the center of earth, when you are plugged in ‘as above so below,’ this White Light intensifies and strengthens, and it will create a bubble of protection in and around you.
Once you are seeing/ feeling or imagining this connection/protection/anchor, you will need do this daily or even several times a day. What you are doing is building rapport with Creator, building a strong relationship of trust.
(I also strengthen this with the prayers of the 'Our Father' and 'Hail Mary' to honor and respect God. If you were raised on the other side of this earth, you might be chanting to Buddha with respect in your own way, God had many human helpers on Earth
You can honor Creator in any way that feels respectful to you. You don't have to pray my way. You must pray and honor God in your way. If you force yourself to do it, it won't work. It must feel good as Pure Unconditional Love in your Heart. This builds a strong relationship of trust.
Eternally Grateful with Love & Blessings,

​​Messages from Elizabeth:

​​One day, during a QHHT session, the voice that I was speaking with had a personality, much different than the person lying on the table.  It was stern, knowledgeable and at times it even laughed.  I asked “Do I have permission to ask a question for my-self?”  It said “Yes”.  I asked,  “WHO are you?   Dolores calls you the Sub-conscious, I don’t think that word is appropriate because you seem to be much more than that, are you the Higher-self?  Are you MY Higher-self talking through Sharon?  Are you Sharon’s Higher-self?  WHO EXACTLY ARE YOU AND WHAT AM I TALKING TO?” 
The Sub-conscious answered: “We would be obliged to answer your questions. WE ARE CONNECTED TO THE ONE CREATOR YOU CALL - GOD - AND - I AM SHARON’S SOUL TALKING TO YOU NOW.”    In a state of humbleness and complete awe, tears ran down my face.
"This is when I knew I was speaking to the One Creator connected to ALL with Love & Blessings". 

Another client had access to a past life where she was a scientist working in a laboratory in Atlantis.  She was involved in human/Soul experiments.  She spoke of the lab downstairs that was doing genetic experiments with human/animals and the result was half-human/half-Lion.  This woman had so much detail she even described the smells in the room.  At the end of the Past life vision, she was able to identify the lessons learned during that life and bring closure to many issues carried over to this life.  Her session has freed her from many years of bondage with unidentified sadness/guilt and fear.  

I've seen lights sparkle over a man's knee during a session. They continue to tell me “Anything is possible, we are all energy, and energy & Light heals all when appropriate.”  The Divine Guidance Sessions with each client continues to bring me to heightened states working with God, communicating with our Soul in all that we do.

With Sincere Humbleness & Respect,
Love & Blessings,

​​​​Divine Guidance 

Divine Guidance comes from Creator God himself during Elizabeth's sessions. 
Remember all sessions are different, yet, everyone gets exactly what their Soul needs to tell them, show them, or help them to understand. 

Healing is like layers of the onion...  one layer at a time.  God will never give us more than we can handle.  

Through her intense study of Shamanism, Elizabeth became a Spiritual Healer.  She learned how to meditate and ‘connect up and talk with Creator/ God.’ As she explains, it is “the Creator/ God, who gave us the breath of life; he’s my best friend.” She says “It doesn’t matter what you call it, my God is what you may call energy, your spirit guide or Universal Consciousness. He guides me with clear communication”. It is the same deep intuition, inner wisdom that has all the answers. So, it really doesn’t matter what you call it, what does matter is that you communicate with it each and every day for accurate guidance. 

This Creator/ God brought Elizabeth all over the world to study with masters of many modalities. Elizabeth brings her infinite wisdom and connection through in her Divine Guidance sessions. During a session, Elizabeth guides the client into a relaxed state of consciousness where the intuition lies, connected to the oneness of all that is. Clients may visit a past life, present life, parallel life, between lives or future life to understand what relevance it has had and how to move forward with grace and ease. The Client will be taught how to contact the higher self on their own whenever they wish and also learn how to request a body scan and healing any time they want.  When appropriate and with permission from the Higher Self, Elizabeth may channel messages.

These Divine Guidance sessions often yield information that can benefit humanity.  Each of these clients has given permission for us to share. Names, specific stories and private information will not be revealed.  The focus is on healing for Mother Earth and all of Humanity.  When there is
​a benefit for Humanity, with permission, we Share with Love in our Heart.  Sharing is our gift.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT), was a technique developed by the late Dolores Cannon.  Dolores was actually one of the first who realized people were going into past lives during her hypnosis sessions way back in the 60's.  In her curiosity, she wondered what would happen if she took them deeper… thus, came QHHT.  During this technique, the Sub-conscious came forward, it answered the client’s questions with pure love and guidance.  Dolores has written 19 books with material that comes from her sessions with the Sub-conscious of each client. 

Elizabeth studied directly with Dolores Cannon.  In fact, Elizabeth was the only person Certified by Dolores Cannon from Rhode Island.  Dolores taught only 4000 people in the world, in her lifetime. Elizabeth embraced Dolores' teachings with enthusiasm and became a Certified and Dedicated Practitioner.   With great respect for our dearly departed Dolores, she continues to offer QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy sessions 
and many times Dolores will pop in with guidance. 

A QHHT session consists of a relaxed atmosphere where you arrive with five questions you would like answered.  After a thorough interview we may add even more questions.  The interview allows us to know what and who is important to you, so we can dig deeper to get you accurate answers in the most important areas of your life, Mind/Body/Spirit/Emotions.  

In a guided meditation we ask questions and have you report answers back to us.   It’s just like an investigative reporter gathering data.  We can analyze things later, just tell us what you see/hear/feel or imagine.  All that is needed to do this work is to be able to close your eyes and imagine a red bird.  That is the part of the mind that we work with, the part that has the pictures and memories…  the imagination.  if you can close your eyes and think of what a red bird looks like...  it can even be a picture of a red bird... it can be a real red bird in a tree, details don't matter...
just thinking of it works.  Yes, it is as simple as that..  you can't do it wrong.  

Then you will be guided into a simple meditation where you may access not only past lives, but future lives, present life or parallel lives 

with the answers to what lessons were learned during that time.  At a certain level of the guided meditation, we ask permission to speak to your Sub-Conscious/ Higher Self.  At this time we present your questions, have a conversation with your Higher self and request further details on each subject for you. 

The sessions are completely private, no one is allowed in the room with you.  Everything is strictly confidential without judgment.  Plan on being in session for 3 to 4 hours.  Bring five questions you would like answered.  The questions can be anything you choose; health issues, personal issues and even something to help a family member.  Each session is tape recorded, bring a USB Stick if you want to take home the recording of the session. Each time you review the recording, more information comes into your consciousness, a reminder that you are not alone in this world, the Higher self is there helping, guiding and helping you to heal on an even deeper level.  Healing may also be performed while you are in session.  
​Come with an open mind...
​Anything is possible.

​​Wisdom Sharing 

March 19, 2017
NPJ.3117 Past Life recall:
The opening scene shows the client in a thick white robe without sleeves. He describes it as if you put a sheet over your head and cut a hole in the neck. He chuckles as he says it looks like a toga with very refined greenish brown grape leaf designs.

He says “I feel good. There’s a huge buffet with wine, everyone is happy. It’s a huge banquet. They are celebrating a very distinguished power in place. People are eating and having fun, but it is a very serious power taking over. It’s almost like an evolution going on. This is Greece. It’s beautiful, I love it here. I love the land, the water, everything comes alive. The food is amazing. People are so intelligent, I love it here.”

“I’m strong! I’m military. I’m a soldier, very strong. I know how to fight. I’ve fought against other armies many times. I’m trained in battle and I take my duty very seriously. I don’t pay attention to the leaders, I know my place. I know what I have to do. I know the power structure. I know everything that is going on underneath what is actually going on because it is more of an intuitive thing. It’s always changing, but I know.”

E. Asks… tell me about that intuition, is it something you had to learn?

He replies, “No, I just had it, I always had it, I was born with it. When I’m alone, I can feel what is going on around me, within me and I can also adjust to the vibrations around me, so I just know intuitively what people are thinking, what they’re doing. It’s not a specific technique. It’s simply listening to the voice within, learning how to tap into the voice within. The voice within controls everything. The voice within IS everything. So when you’re alone and you have time, you can do this in meditation, tap into the voice that’s connected to everything. It’s like Universal Consciousness. It’s something that has always been around. There was never a time when it didn’t exist. It always existed. So you could tap into it and kind of figure out what’s going on with events, astrological events, planets… certain alignments. You can almost predict what people are going to do, how they’re going to act and re-act on a grander scale.”
“Some guys know how to do it. A lot of guys are just kind of goofy and they just like to fight. But the ones that are tuned in are the best soldiers because they know where to be and what time they’ve got to be there, and it’s like this force is so intelligent. So if you can tap into it you can be very successful in whatever you’re doing. Some of these soldiers know how to tap into it because they know how to be successful, but others just like to screw around and play games. They end up getting killed.”
“When I go swimming in the ocean, it is so cold it invigorates me, it refreshes me and grounds me. The salt in the water brings me back to life. I prefer swimming alone so I can replenish my energy because nobody understands this. I enjoy the connection with the Universal Consciousness.”

He speaks of education and mentions that they have the very best schools around. But his wife is not educated, because that would be a waste of her brain. “If she were educated, it would block a lot of development she needed, because FORMAL EDUCATION WOULD BLOCK THE DEVELOPMENT OF INTUITION. There are more things the Universal Consciousness can teach you if you are open to it… the voice within, not focusing on tedious education. It’s almost like a paradox, where you can learn great things in these wonderful schools, but you can’t learn about yourself.”

Message for Today: Increase your intuition daily with a strong connection to Creator/God.