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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

​Traditional QHHT

~ Healing in Divine Timing... 

QHHT The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Session creates a framework of interaction between the Outer Self (Conscious Mind) and the Inner Self (Subconscious). This is made possible by your decision to work on your problems and to open yourself up to support other levels of your consciousness.
​The cost is: $300.00.

How this interaction takes place can be different for each client.

Here are some examples:

In Dolores Cannon's books, the most prominent form of interaction is the Subconscious speaking through the hypnotized client.  As this is the most direct way of relaying inner information, QHHT session aims at making this happen. Whether this form of interaction is possible during a session highly depends on the client. It is very probable for people who are able to immerse themselves completely in a guided meditation and are able to calm down the critical, analytical, controlling part of their mind. When they let go and allow their Subconscious to express itself, it does through the vocal chords. This feat must be accomplished by the client. The hypnotist can suggest it but it can’t be forced.

In other cases, the Inner Self may convey its wisdom through the client’s senses, mostly visually. Scenes from other lifetimes, from childhood, and symbolic visions are among the spectrum of possibilities that can be used to answer the client’s questions. This is probable for people who allow themselves to be hypnotized and relax into a trance, but their critical mind does not let go completely in order to step aside and leave the stage to the Subconscious. In trance, the inner eye is very receptive, especially if its abilities are naturally strong or well-trained. The same is valid for inner hearing and inner sensing. Sensory information can be experienced in addition to the verbal communication or just by itself.

In cases when the Conscious Mind is allowing neither verbal communication with the Subconscious nor sensory information to come through, the session will often work more as a kick-start for potentially big positive change to manifest in the hours, days and weeks afterward. The intention of contact and cooperation is sufficient for giving permission to the Subconscious to initiate the necessary energetic changes. Bit by bit, the challenges and problems that the client had brought into the session are overcome, even though no perceived information had been shared during the session.
This experience can be had by people who don't find it easy to let go and to allow their critical, analytic, controlling part of the mind to temporarily recede and relax. Interestingly enough, many people who would describe themselves that way end up having no problem at all with letting go and immersing themselves in the process. (Based on our experience, approx. 25% of clients experience kick-start sessions.)

Each soul has its own path and its own timing. What works for one is not appropriate for another and therefore different experiences are always made. All of them are beneficial. QHHT sessions are as individual as the people who experience them. Even we, as practitioners can't predict what the Subconscious is going to reveal. Over the years, we have learned to trust. When cooperating with the Subconscious, nothing can be forced. Whatever happens is what is necessary and possible for each client. Always working on the next layer in their growth for their Soul’s highest good. In our experience, the more relaxed and unbiased the client is when going into a session, the more wonderful the experience will be. Believe. Trust. Allow. Everything is possible!

​​Divine Guidance Session... 

Working with the Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotion, at the Soul Level of the client; Elizabeth has a unique ability to shift energy imbalances into Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Harmony.  A Divine Guidance Session with Elizabeth is given with the client lying down, fully clothed and taken through a guided meditation. A typical session may last anywhere from two and a half to four hours.  The cost is $300.00.  A session is designed in partnership with the client’s Sub-conscious / Higher-self with their best interest at heart.  This allows higher levels of health, happiness and the answers to their questions to occur. 

Elizabeth does not claim to be a Physician, nutritionist or counselor of any type. When necessary she will refer the client to the appropriate professional.  Please advise Elizabeth of any pertinent medical history, any medications you are taking and of any acute or chronic conditions before the session.  Each session is designed specifically for each client and may differ from one session to the next.  It is understood that she will not be held responsible or liable in any way for existing conditions or from problems arising from information withheld about any underlying medical problems.  This session is not meant to replace conventional medical care.  However, a session will not interfere and may complement by reducing stress and helping the client to become more in touch with their inner wisdom and the laws of nature.

A session will usually leave you feeling balanced, relaxed and/ or energized.  As a practitioner, Elizabeth has awakened your internal energies.  Your body will naturally take over, making any necessary changes to begin the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Sometimes these changes are very subtle, other times quite obvious.  

Please contact Elizabeth at any time, if you have any questions or concerns.